Coil Packing Line

Coil Packing Line

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Automatic coil packing solutions are automated packaging systems designed for the coil manufacturing industry. Coils are cylindrical objects made of materials such as metal or plastic and are commonly used in industries such as steelmaking, aluminum processing, copper processing, electrical equipment, automotive components, and pipelines.

Traditionally, coil packaging has been a manual task where operators place coils on packaging materials and secure them using tape, stretch film, or strapping. This manual packaging method is inefficient and prone to issues such as inadequate packaging, material waste, and reliance on manual labor.

Automatic coil packing solutions aim to improve packaging efficiency, reduce costs, enhance packaging quality, and minimize human intervention by introducing mechanized and automated processes. Some of the processes that can be automated and mechanized include: positioning, conveying, core wrapping, strapping, stacking, weighing, labeling, data tracking and integration control.

Coil handling and stacking

There are various processing methods available for slit coils in practical applications, depending on the user’s choices and requirements. We can provide customers with a complete packaging processing workflow of handling and stacking. The process can be customized and manufactured to meet the specific needs of the users.

Coil strapping, wrapping and stacking

With the development of industrial packaging to this day, wire coils can also undergo fully automated mechanized packaging processing. The rolled wire does not need to be removed from the stand. As the conveyor line progresses to the automatic compression station, automatic bundling, automatic winding and packaging, automatic weighing and labeling, automatic material storage, etc., can be designed according to user needs. Customization can be made to design an automated packaging line that is suitable for its production process and requirements. These automated processing steps can improve efficiency, reduce manual intervention, and ensure stable packaging and quality of wire coils.

Coil wrapping and stacking

The importance of packaging processing for copper strips is self-evident. Mechanized and automated wrapping and stacking align well with modern production management methods and are crucial steps in the automated packaging processing of copper strips. Wrapping fulfills the basic packaging requirement, while stacking is the ultimate destination for handling, and these two points can be connected to form a complete automated packaging line.

Vertical coil packing line, Economic coil packing system..

We also provide more different packaging solutions for more users, such as winding packaging and vertical coil processing solutions for the large width products of the main coil manufacturer. The main coil packaging machine can handle 1500, 2000, 2500 or even larger coils. If these coils are packaged manually, it will be very difficult, inefficient, and easy to touch the surface of the product, causing adverse effects. However, the packaging machine can solve this problem. The vertical packaging system is also a similar solution, with a unique conveying system as its highlight, greatly releasing the intensity of manual participation.



01 Automatic PLC grogram control

It is equipped with an advanced and precise control system known as a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This system feature provides precise, efficient, and unified control over the packaging line. It enhances operational flexibility, reduces maintenance costs, and enables data-driven decision-making. This feature serves as the foundation for the reliable and optimized operation of the packaging line.

02 Self-Sufficient Coil Separation

The packaging line is designed to separate slit coils automatically. It can handle multiple coils simultaneously, and each coil can be processed independently without manual intervention. Through the close cooperation between the cross arm and the flipping mechanism, the separate separation operation of the steel coil can be achieved. The production line will position the slit coils to be processed in a designated area, and the cross arm can store multiple coils. The flipping mechanism flips or rotates the coil to ensure that it can be moved from one position to another, completing the separation operation. This automation function improves production efficiency and reduces reliance on manpower.

03 Robust Framework for Heavy Duty

This packaging line uses sturdy and durable frames that can handle heavy operations. Weights ranging from one ton to two tons or more can be designed with corresponding weights according to user needs. The mechanical and electrical weighting design ensures stability, durability, and safety during handling and stacking, even when using large and heavy slit coils.

04 Single Coil Pick-up Per Operation

Precision is paramount when it comes to coil handling. It is designed to pick and process one slit coil at a time in each operation. Specifically, starting from flipping the material, bundling, winding, weighing, labeling, and stacking are all single roll operations. This allows for precise control and positioning of the coils, minimizing the possibility of errors and potential coil damage and ensuring accurate stacking.

05 Hydraulic-Driven Lifting Device

Looking for smooth and precise lifting?
When a coil needs to be lifted, the hydraulic system engages the lifting mechanism. The hydraulic cylinders extend, applying upward force to the lifting platform or arms. The coil is securely attached to the lifting mechanism, ensuring stability during the lifting process.
Hydraulic-driven lifting allows for height adjustment of the lifting mechanism. By controlling the hydraulic pressure and flow, the lifting height can be customized based on the specific requirements of each coil. This flexibility ensures proper alignment with downstream processes like wrapping, strapping, or stacking.

06 Center making the coil for stacking

In coil packaging lines, centering the coil is an important step to ensure proper alignment and stability during the stacking process. Centering the coil involves positioning it accurately on the stacking platform or pallet so that it is balanced and ready for further handling or transportation.  The centering mechanism can be automated and controlled by an electronic control system. Sensors or proximity switches detect the position of the coil and provide feedback to the control system.
Based on the feedback from the sensors, the control system activates the centering mechanism to make necessary position adjustments. It will shift the coil laterally.



01 Interfacing with the Slitting Line

When interfacing with a slitting line in a slit coil wrapping and stacking line, the goal is to seamlessly integrate the two processes to ensure efficient coil wrapping and stacking. Each slit coil should be assigned a unique identifier or barcode that can be scanned or read by the wrapping and stacking line’s control system. Utilizing the coil car, the slit coil can be effortlessly transferred from the winding machine to the turnstile. It can be effectively interfaced with the coil wrapping and stacking line, enabling a smooth and efficient process flow from slitting to packaging and stacking of the slit coils.

02 Down-Ending at 90 Degrees

The down-ending at 90 degrees equipment plays a crucial role in safely and precisely handling the bare coils in the slit coil wrapping and stacking line. By combining hydraulic power, 90degree upender and a conveyor system, the machine ensures controlled lifting and transfer of the coils from the turnstile to the subsequent stages of the production line. The hydraulic station is responsible for generating the necessary hydraulic power to operate the lifting mechanism. It consists of a hydraulic pump, reservoir, control valves, and other hydraulic components.

03 Coil Binding Solutions

Coil binding helps prevent the coils from unwinding or becoming damaged. Our top-notch coil binding solutions ensure the highest quality and reliability. It can automatically tension, seal, and cut the straps to the desired length. Strapping machines have mechanisms to tension the straps tightly around the coil to ensure a secure bind. Sealing mechanisms, such as heat sealing or mechanical crimping, are employed to create a strong bond between the strap ends.

04 Paper/Knit Belt + Stretch Film

Wrapping film and woven belt are commonly used packaging materials for steel coils. Our specially designed wrapping packaging solution, with its unique film and belt release mechanisms and automatic mechanical arm cutter, provides a reliable and efficient method for packaging steel coils. It ensures secure and tight wrapping, reinforcement with woven tape, and precise cutting, contributing to the safe transportation and protection of the coils throughout the supply chain.

05 Fork Arm Type Lifter 

The packaging line incorporates a fork arm type Lifter, offering efficient handling capabilities for slit coils. It’s quipped with advanced features to streamline the packaging process. It is compatible with PET/STEEL strapping, which is a commonly used material for securing slit coils. This ensures that your packaging materials align with industry standards while providing the necessary strength and security for coil bundling. The lifter provides a handling speed of 70-120 seconds per coil. With a maximum coil weight capacity of 6T, it ensures effective and reliable coil transportation within your facility.

06 Integrated System

Our packing system requires minimal manpower, with just 1-2 operators needed for all operational steps. Depending on your handling needs, the packing line can be designed with coil car feeding, crane loading, or even forklift in & out capabilities.
Integration with control systems enables synchronization and proper sequencing of binding operations. This integrated system combines various components and technologies to ensure efficient coil handling and packaging operations.



01 Integration with MES System

The packing line is its integration with a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) system enhances operational control and optimization. To offer a comprehensive solution for your needs. It will allow for centralized data management of the packing line. Production data, such as wire coil specifications, packaging requirements, and strapping configurations, can be stored and accessed through the MES system. It enables real-time monitoring and control, production planning and scheduling, quality control and traceability, as well as performance analysis and optimization.

02 Automated Turning in Sync with Turntable

To meet the specific needs of handling stacks of same-size coils at the pallet, our system employs programmable control for inspecting and rotating the turntable. This prepares each turntable section for coil stacking per requirement in size, order number… The programmable control system inspects the size of each coil as it arrives at the turntable. The turntable section is adjusted accordingly to align with the desired stacking configuration. This level of customization and automation enhances efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in the handling of same-size coil stacks at the pallet.

03 Automated Coil Width Detection and Pick-up

The packing line includes an automated coil width detection and pick-up system, utilizes information sharing either from the ERP system or through a profit-bus communication system. By sharing this information with the packing line, the automated system can adapt to the specific requirements of each coil, ensuring precise pick-up and strapping operations. The sensors can accurately measure the coil width and capture the necessary data for further processing. Once the coil width is detected and the relevant information is available, the automated system adjusts the pick-up mechanism accordingly. This ensures that the arms or grippers used for coil pick-up are positioned correctly to securely hold the coil during the packaging process.

04 Coil Weighing and Data Transmission

The packing line has a coil weighing system and data transmission capabilities to ensure accurate measurement of coil weight and seamless transfer of data. This functionality provides valuable information for quality control, inventory management, and process optimization. As the wire coil passes through the packing line, the coil weighing system captures and records its weight. The weight data is then collected and processed for further analysis and use. The data can be used to print label, update inventory records, monitor stock levels, and plan production schedules based on the available coil weights. This enables better inventory control, reduces the risk of stockouts or excess inventory, and supports efficient production planning and optimization.

05 Label Printer Integration

Once the wire coil is packaged and ready for labeling, the packing line automation system communicates with the label printer to initiate the printing process. The label printer uses the received data to generate the appropriate labels based on the configured templates. The label design is customized to meet specific packaging and customer requirements. The packing line can be equipped with a label applicator mechanism that precisely places the labels on the coils.  The labels contain essential information that aids in product identification, tracking, and compliance with regulatory requirements. It enables efficient inventory management, facilitates product recalls if necessary, and supports adherence to industry standards.

06 Accurate Coil Stacking

The packing line is equipped with a stacking mechanism that positions and aligns the wire coils during the stacking process. It is integrated with positioning sensors that detect the position and orientation of each coil. The positioning sensors provide feedback to the packing line’s control system, enabling it to calculate the optimal stacking position for each coil. The control system utilizes stacking algorithms that determine the most efficient and stable stacking arrangement based on predefined parameters. The collision detection sensors are designed to avoid collisions between coils or with other equipment, as well as emergency stop mechanisms to halt the stacking process in case of any unexpected events.

D. More Special Solutions Can Be Option For Coil Packing Line 

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Automatic slitting coil packing line with strapping and palletizing system
Automatic steel coil packaging line (incudes strapping, wrapping, printing and stacking)
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Coil wrapping machine with tapping and barcode printer
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Automatic coil packaging line with coil stacking system
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