Automatic Slit Coil Packaging System

The automatic slit coil packaging system comprises a turnstile, coil down ender, coil weighing machine, coil strapping machine, and stacking equipment. This setup efficiently transfers packed slit coils from the centering conveyor to the pallet individually. The system significantly reduces manual operations involved in handling heavy coils, enhancing both safety and efficiency in the stacking process.

A. Centering & Lifting Table

  • Features a roller conveyor to facilitate coil movement.
  • Equipped with a centering device that allows for error correction during stacking.
  • Raises the coil for easier pickup by forklifts.
  • Includes automated coil positioning for accuracy and efficiency.

B. Stacking Machine

  • Robust and durable design for long-lasting use.
  • Requires manual insertion of timber between stacked coils for added stability.
  • Equipped with strong forks designed for efficient coil lifting.
  • Features a mobile, gantry-type lifting mechanism for smooth and rapid coil handling.
  • Composed primarily of a gantry-type mobile system to ensure steady coil movement.
  • Includes an internal coil protector to prevent damage during movement.
  • Timber blocks are necessary between coils to ensure stability.
  • Utilizes four supportive arms to secure the coil during transportation.
  • Delivers precise coil placement for stacking.

C. Conveyor Station

  • Serves as an outfeed conveyor for palletized coils.
  • Maximum stacking height is 1000mm, including pallet height.
  • Can handle a maximum total stacking weight of 6000kg.
  • The stacking platform is a conveyor system.
  • Each single coil can weigh up to 3000kg for stacking.
Min slit coil width that can be downended


Max horn extension


Horn travel motor powered


Linear motion slides/wheels/camrollers

By Linear

Lift powered


Tilt powered


Cycle time to downend coil


Conveyor length


For covered rollers include

roll diameter: 100mm, length:1600mm, covering material:PU,Roll centers:150mm

Conveyor Motor


Power supply

380v 50Hz