Customized Packing Machine


Fhope stands as a prominent producer of wrapping machines in South China and is acclaimed for manufacturing coil packing machines, orbital stretch wrappers, pallet inverters, and upenders. The company is dedicated to offering innovative, long-term solutions through world-class packaging systems that excel in quality, performance, and reliability.

Customized Packing Machine

20+ Years of Undefeated Success

At FHOPE, we are dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for our team while continuously striving to develop high-performance solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific packaging objectives.


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Main Products

Coil Packing Machine

The Coil Packing Machine efficiently wraps coils in protective film, ensuring safe transit and storage with customizable settings for various coil sizes.

Tilter & Upender

Tilters and Upenders expertly rotate and position heavy loads, enhancing safety and efficiency in material handling and manufacturing processes.

Pallet Inverter

A Pallet Inverter swiftly rotates and exchanges pallets under loads, optimizing warehouse operations and improving handling efficiency.

Horizontal Stretch Wrapper

The Horizontal Stretch Wrapper securely encases long products in stretch film, ensuring protection and stability during transport and storage.

Automatic Strapping Machine‚Äč

The Automatic Strapping Machine rapidly secures packages with straps, enhancing packaging speed and reliability in high-volume environments.

Coil Packing Line

The Coil Packing Line automates the process of wrapping coils, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency in industrial settings.


Efficient & Reliable Solutions

Our team possesses extensive experience in coil packaging solutions, having supplied over 1200 sets of coil packing equipment worldwide. This equipment enhances packing speeds and reduces the need for manual labor.

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