Automatic Wire Packing Line

Wire Coils Packaging Lines Technical Factors:
  • The machine will be configured to accommodate different sizes, weights, and types of packaging materials.
  • The layout of the packaging line will be planned based on your resource utilization and the available space in your factory.
  • Our after-service encompasses installation, certification, and training, all provided by our skilled engineer.
  • A wide range of packaging materials is available to ensure attractive and effective packaging.

Benefits of Wire Coil packing Line:
  • Enhanced productivity in handling, packaging, and palletizing suitable for a variety of coil specifications.
  • Fully accountable throughout all processes, with seamless integration into the ERP system from packaging to inventory management.
  • Improved packaging quality, including coil surface protection, strapping, and efficient palletizing.
  • Safe operations designed to minimize the risk of operator injuries.