Automatic Wire Coil Compressing And Strapping Packing Line

This automated system integrates a compressor with a drawing machine for efficient basket and wire coil handling. The system stabilizes the wire coil and basket on a table, where the compactor tightly secures the coil onto a spool. It features adjustable settings via inverters to accommodate various materials.

Designed to handle 8 coils per hour, each with a basket and equipped with four radial straps as per customer specifications, this line ensures smooth operation. The automatic strapping machine and compactor are crafted to prevent damage to the wire coils, thanks to HDPE-protected contact zones.

The Automatic Strapping & Compacting Line is built for continuous operation, capable of running 24/7 to meet rigorous production demands. It offers a highly efficient solution for wire coil packaging, optimizing space, enhancing handling and stacking efficiency, and reducing labor costs.

Operators are directed to place the basket with the wire coil on the conveyor, which then transports it to the compacting station, streamlining the packaging process.

Operation Process:
a. Infeed and Movement: The wire coil is loaded onto the conveyor which transports it to the compacting position.
b. Carrier Positioning: The carrier descends to the compaction position.
c. Compaction Activation: The compacting head is pressed downward to compact the coil.
d. Strapping: While the coil is still compressed, it is strapped securely.
e. Transition to Next Phase: After strapping, the compacting head is raised, and the carrier, along with the compacted coil, moves to the next station.

Main Technical Specifications:

    • Strapping Material Specifications:
      • Strap Width: 19mm
      • Strap Thickness: Available in 1.00mm and 1.27mm
      • Strap Type: Polyester
      • Strap Quality: Options include smooth or high-quality polyester strap.