Automatic Wire Rod Compacting And Strapping Machine

The Wire Rod Strapping and Compacting Line is comprehensively equipped with compacting frames, block rollers, strapping heads, an electric cabinet, and both pneumatic and hydraulic systems. This line is designed to operate fully automatically, yet it includes a manual operation mode to enhance flexibility.

Upon integration with a C-hook handling system, the wire rod coil can be transferred to the compression station either manually or automatically. Once positioned, the C-hook, together with the coil, is moved to the strapping table where the strapping process is executed.

To ensure seamless operation and safety, this system includes sensors and automated controls that adjust the movement and positioning of the coil, optimizing the strapping efficiency. The line’s design also accounts for easy maintenance access and robust construction to withstand the demands of continuous industrial use.

Essential Characteristics of a Hydraulic Pump Station:

  1. Prominent brand, designed for energy efficiency and high performance.
  2. The workstation includes a gap designed to facilitate easy manual strapping.
  3. The design is straightforward, ensuring ease of use, safety, reliability, low noise levels, and consistent performance.
  4. Features both manual and automatic switch capabilities.
  5. Includes an external motor switch for distant operation.
  6. Equipped with a specialized circuit board that automatically stops the pump after one minute of inactivity, provides automatic pressure relief, and includes overload protection.
  7. Fitted with an external high-power cooler to support extended operational periods.
  8. Contains a special valve for stable pressure adjustment.
  9. Capable of starting under any pressure condition.
  10. Characterized by its lightweight design, rapid operation, large flow capacity, and enhanced efficiency.
Wire rod coil compactor and strapping machine