Automatic Steel Wire Coil Compactor And Strapping Machine

This Wire Coil Compacting Machine includes frames, an electric cabinet, and a hydraulic system, designed specifically for compacting wire coils. Additionally, it facilitates manual strapping with a dedicated Manually Strapping Machine that can perform strapping at various positions.

The machine requires that the wire coil, placed in a basket, remains on a table where the compactor system effectively compacts the coil onto a spool. This system is versatile, featuring adjustable settings controlled by inverters to handle different materials efficiently. It stands out as one of the most effective pieces of equipment for enhancing wire coil packaging, meeting high standards for handling and stacking efficiency while optimizing space usage and reducing labor costs associated with wire handling.

Operators are instructed to place the basket, with the wire coil, onto the conveyor. The conveyor then transports the coil to the compacting station. After compacting, the basket and coil are moved to the strapping table, which is provided by Fhopepack, to complete the packaging process. This sequence ensures a streamlined operation that maximizes productivity and safety.

Technical Specifications and Performance:

All designs adhere to Metric standards and are in compliance with current ISO standards. Bearings are selected based on International standards, ensuring global compatibility and reliability.

  1. Robust construction, built to last.
  2. Specifically engineered for compacting wire coils with a rack.
  3. Features soft startup and shutdown to minimize mechanical stress.
  4. Compaction is driven by a hydraulic system for efficient and consistent performance.
  5. Incorporates a unique transmission mechanism that enhances safety and stability.
  6. Equipped with a conveyor system for efficient loading and unloading.
  7. Enhanced safety through multiple limit protection systems.
  8. Automatic machine stop functionality for added safety and energy efficiency.
  9. Designated area for manual strapping, providing flexibility in operation.
  10. Dual back-pressure technology ensures a smooth transition when shifting loads.
Automatic steel wire compressing strapping and packing line

Coil outer diameter


Coil Inner diameter


Coil Width

300-1400mm (approx)

Max.compacting range


Max.compacting pressure


Power voltage

3 phase 5wire, AC380, 50Hz