Automatic Wire Coil Compacting And Strapping Solution

Fhope offers a range of semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions for wire coil compacting and strapping, tailored to enhance packaging efficiency. With extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of specialized wire compressor packaging systems, Fhope delivers bespoke solutions for wire coils of any size. These systems can accommodate various strapping materials such as PET or steel belts and can include additional features like logo taping, weighing, and stacking.

The portfolio includes diverse types of compressing and strapping machines capable of securing packages tightly using stretch film, PVC, and other materials. Each solution is customizable with inverters to adjust for different materials, ensuring optimal packaging performance. Fhope’s equipment is designed to maximize packaging efficiency, reduce space requirements, and cut labor costs in wire handling, making it a top choice for streamlining wire coil packaging processes.

Technical Specifications and Performance

We oversee the entire design process of the equipment, ensuring its integrity and the accuracy and completeness of all documentation.

Our designs adhere to the Metric system and are compliant with current ISO standards. All bearings conform to international standards.

  1. Robust Construction: The equipment features a solid and durable structure.
  2. Custom Design for Wire Coil Compaction: Specifically tailored for compacting wire coils with a rack.
  3. Smooth Start and Stop Operations: Equipped with a soft start and stop feature for better control.
  4. Hydraulic Compaction System: Compaction is powered by a hydraulic system.
  5. Safe and Stable Transmission: A special transmission mechanism is implemented for enhanced safety and stability.
  6. Loading and Unloading Conveyor: Includes a conveyor system for efficient loading and unloading.
  7. Enhanced Safety Features: Equipped with multiple limit protections for increased safety.
  8. Automatic Shutdown: The machine automatically stops to prevent accidents.
  9. Designated Manual Strapping Area: Includes a specific position for manual strapping.
  10. Dual Back Pressure Technology: Ensures a smooth transition during shifts in gravity for consistent performance.
Steel wire rod coil compressing machine and strapping machine packing line