Automatic Steel Pipe Bundle Packing Line

The Bundling Station efficiently handles and assembles pipes or hollow structural sections into pre-designed bundle sizes. This fully automated line is operated via a touchscreen control station. The bundling machine constructs the programmed configuration and securely contains the sides to preserve the bundle shape until the strapping process is finalized. After completion, a lateral transfer system moves the bundles to an unloading table, preparing them for their final transfer.


  1. Electromagnetic chuck type row stacking layers bundling system.
  2. The forming device can be adjusted to accommodate various bundle shapes.
  3. Tubes are moved into the bundling position via a pushing mechanism.
  4. The tube stacking stopper extends outward.
  5. The tube bundling stopper extends and securely clamps the row of tubes.
  6. Supporting forks return to their original position.
  7. The tube bundling stopper extends again to ensure the tube bundle remains tightly secured and protected from loosening.