Stainless steel master coil packing machine and stretch wrapper

The Master coil packing machine is equipped with two blocker roller stations and is specifically designed for the orbital wrapping of steel coils. This advanced machine offers a complete packaging solution that caters to a variety of needs. It ensures that each package is not only dustproof but also thoroughly protected against external elements, thereby preserving the integrity and quality of the steel coils. Additionally, the machine enhances the aesthetic appeal of the packaged coils, making them more presentable and visually appealing. This multifunctional machine is ideal for manufacturers looking to improve packaging efficiency while ensuring their products remain in pristine condition during storage and transport.


  • It incorporates a user-friendly interface using PLC and HMI controls for ease of operation.
  • Features an orbital wrapping system specifically tailored for secure packaging.
  • Includes two shutters that cross the internal diameter of the coil during packing for comprehensive coverage.
  • The wrapping machine automatically adjusts its position to the right or left to optimize the packaging process.
  • Operators can select between manual and automatic modes, depending on the task requirements.
  • A converter is utilized to fine-tune the overlap of the packing tape based on specific needs.
  • Inputting the outer diameter (OD), inner diameter (ID), width, and correction parameters of the coiled metal simplifies operations; other settings are automatically adjusted.
  • The height of the turning ring can be motor-adjusted to align with different coil diameters for centered positioning.
  • Includes a function to reset the wrapping position to its starting point.
  • Equipped with sensors for precise trolley positioning.
  • Safety features include guardrails and a soft start and stop mechanism.
  • Offers dual-layer wrapping with both stretch film and opaque film for enhanced protection.
  • The packaging tension is adjustable to accommodate various requirements.
  • Features an automatic material cutting and feeding system for streamlined operation.
  • The machine is fitted with an indicator alarm that notifies operators immediately if any issues arise, with the specific problem displayed on the interface.
  • A special brake on the tape release device prevents the material from folding, ensuring a smooth wrapping process.
  • Users can choose from different packing materials to suit specific wrapping needs.
  • The design and production of the machine are in compliance with the 2006/42/EC directive, ensuring high standards of quality and safety.
Object material

steel coil

Coil width(W)


Coil outer diameter(OD)


Coil inner diameter(ID)


Coil weight


Packing material:

VCI film/LLDPE stretch film/PVC/Opaque plastic
ID:76mm OD:100-250mm Width:200-250mm
(The precise size will be confirmed after designing)

Shutter speed


Overlap rate



app 12.0Kw