Wire Coil Packaging Line

The automatic wire coil packaging line features dual wrapping stations for both film packaging and paper wrapping, complete with infeed and outfeed conveyors. Additional options such as an automatic coil strapping machine, along with a coil stacker and pallet wrapping machine, can be integrated for fully automated, unmanned operations. This system seamlessly connects with the production line to streamline processes. Below is a video demonstrating the automated operation of the system.

Technical Features:

  1. Each machine is custom-designed to accommodate various coil sizes, weights, and types of packaging materials.
  2. The layout of the packaging line is tailored to fit the specific dimensions and constraints of your factory space.
  3. Our comprehensive after-service includes installation, commissioning, and training, all conducted by our skilled engineers.
  4. Features an automated PLC and HMI control system, enabling seamless online packaging operations.
  5. Offers a selection of packing materials to ensure aesthetically pleasing and secure packaging.