Steel Coil Packaging Line

This fully automated horizontal steel coil packaging line includes a suite of components: an automatic turnstile, a slit coil up-ender, strapping units for steel coils, a packaging system for coil wrapping, a powered conveyor, along with systems for coil stacking and pallet wrapping. The design accommodates a variety of coils including copper, stainless steel, and wire coils, ensuring versatile application.

The line can seamlessly integrate with the output of a Slitting Line through the use of a coil car or turnstile. The FHOPE team is dedicated to delivering a top-tier solution that maximizes productivity and enhances packaging speeds. Our fully automated packaging system is engineered to operate continuously without interruptions, facilitating unmanned operations throughout the process.


  1. Fully Automatic Operation: The packaging line supports fully automatic operations, including an auto turnstile, slit coil up-ender, steel coil strapping, coil wrapping packaging, powered conveyor, coil stacking, and pallet wrapping.
  2. Integration Capability: This Coils Packing Line can be connected directly to the exit of a Slitting Line via a coil car or turnstile, seamlessly integrating with existing manufacturing processes.
  3. Versatile Packaging Applications: Designed to handle various types of coils including copper coils, stainless steel coils, and wire coils, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.
  4. High-Speed Packaging: FHOPE team provides a solution that ensures maximum production efficiency and high packaging speed, optimizing throughput.
  5. Unmanned Operations: The packaging solution is designed to achieve seamless operations without gaps, allowing for unmanned (automated) production processes.
  6. Customizable Solutions: The line can be custom-built based on customer requirements, offering impressive functions that are tailored to specific packaging needs.
  7. Technical Support and Expertise: FHOPE offers expert solutions and technical support based on extensive experience and knowledge in handling packaging problems.
  8. Detailed Construction Plans: Drawings for the main construction of the whole line packaging solution are available, providing clear guidance for implementation and maintenance.