Slitting Steel Coil Packing Line

The vertical steel slitting coil packaging line is a cost-effective and automated solution for handling and packing slitting coils. This system enhances efficiency through automated coil feeding, packing, and stacking processes. Coils are loaded onto the coil trolley using a crane and, following palletization, are transferred by the stack turnover device to the out-feeding conveyor. This setup allows the main packaging operations for the slitting coils to be handled automatically by the machinery. The integration of this packing line into the slitting center significantly improves operational speed and reduces labor costs, all within a minimal space requirement.

The coil trolley is specifically designed for loading and individually separating coils, subsequently placing them into the coil packaging machine. The setup features a trolley equipped with coil position adjustments, a track, and control sensors.


✧ It also serves as a storage solution for slitting coils.

✧ The trolley is motor-driven, allowing for smooth and stable movement forwards and backwards, facilitating easy insertion of coils into the packaging station.

✧ Coils of various widths can effortlessly roll into the channel by gravity from the trolley.

✧ Multiple safeguards are in place to protect the surface of the coils and ensure operational safety.


Single coil size

width 40-500mm,
OD 650-1500 mm
ID Φ508/Φ610mm
weight 6000Kg

Packaging material

woven tape/composite paper tape: W=100mm, OD=450-500mm, ID=55mm

Stretch film: W=100, OD=100-180mm, ID=50mm

Overlapping range


Ring speed

about 80r/min (frequency converter adjustment)