Automatic PPR/PVC Pipe Bagging Line

Fhope delivers specialized bagging packaging solutions tailored for the plastic industry, including machines designed for PPR/PVC/stainless pipes. Our commitment is demonstrated through continuous innovation and the development of cost-effective products that solve common issues such as loose and inconsistent packaging. Our sales, equipment service, customer support, and engineering teams are dedicated to helping you create the ideal protective packaging system for your needs. For more detailed information about our Fhope PVC pipe bag packing machines, suitable for garden hoses, PVC pipes, and steel tubes, please refer to the information below.

Features of the Pipe Bagging Line:

The line offers versatility in adjusting the bag size for individual pipes or pipe bundles, adapting to different pipe diameters. This machine facilitates the insertion of pipes into bags made from welded PE or PP film.

Working Cycle:

  • Automatic feeding of pipe bundles.
  • Conveyance of the pipe bundle to the film welding and bag filling station.
  • Automatic bag formation.
  • The system pushes the pipe bundle into the bag.
  • The filled pipe bag is sealed and transported to the end of the line, where it is tilted upwards for further processing.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • strapping machine that secures the pipe bundle with straps before it reaches the film welding and bag filling station. This machine allows for customization in the number of pipes per bundle, the configuration of the bundles, the number of straps, and their placement.
  • labeling machine that automatically applies adhesive labels displaying barcode symbols or other relevant production information to the pipe bags.
Pipe bundle OD


Power supply


Air supply


Bagging speed

app. 1-3 bundle/min