Stainless Steel Coil Packing Line

This packaging line is designed for handling and processing coils made from stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. It includes a variety of components such as a turnstile, coil separator, weighing device, strapping machine, stacking system, and conveyor line. Specifically, it excels in separating, strapping, stacking, and weighing copper coils ranging in width from 10mm to 300mm.

Control of this machinery is facilitated through a supervisory control system, allowing for both automated and manual operation of each component independently. The machinery features an integrated hydraulic press station. However, it requires the user to provide the necessary power and air supply.

Key Features:

  1. Automated System: Designed specifically for the efficient handling and packaging of stainless steel and alloy coils, this system integrates various components for seamless operation.
  2. Integrated Components: Includes crucial machinery such as a coil car, coil downender, coil packing machine, and a stacking system, each playing a vital role in the packaging process.
  3. Specialized for Stainless Steel and Alloys: The line is tailored to meet the unique needs of processing and packaging stainless steel and alloy coils, ensuring they are handled with precision.
  4. Secure Coil Transportation: The coil car transports the coils safely to the required station, reducing the risk of damage during movement.
  5. Efficient Lowering and Positioning: The coil downender carefully lowers the coils onto the conveyor, positioning them correctly for the subsequent packaging steps.
  6. Protection and Handling: The coil packing machine wraps the coils effectively with suitable materials, providing necessary protection during subsequent handling and transportation.
  7. Organized Stacking and Storage: After wrapping, the stacking system methodically places the coils on pallets, facilitating organized storage and safe shipment.
  8. Labor Reduction and Safety Enhancement: This automated line minimizes the need for manual labor in handling heavy coils, thereby enhancing workplace safety and operational efficiency.
  9. Minimized Human Intervention: By automating the process, the system reduces human error and streamlines operations, ensuring consistency and reducing the risk of coil damage.
  10. Precision and Consistency: The automated processes ensure that each coil is handled consistently, maintaining high-quality standards and precision in packaging.
Object weight:


Package width


Package OD


Package ID


Roller Speed


Wrapping speed


Rotating speed


Overlap scope


Power output

app. 3.6kw

Power voltage


Air supply


Packing material

PP belt