Steel Coil Strapping & Packing Line

This document details the equipment specifications required for the Cold Roll Steel Coil Packaging Line as part of the automation project. FHOPE will handle on-site installation and provide technical support. As the manufacturer, the packaging machines provided will be complete, except for components specified as ‘Supplied by Others’ in this document. The equipment will incorporate the latest and most reliable state-of-the-art technology in its design, automation, and component choices. Efforts have been made to ensure that the equipment is energy-efficient. The line is designed to operate fully automatically, minimizing the need for manual intervention as much as possible. The packaging line will be directly integrated with the production line. Additionally, the system includes a transportation method for moving coils from the cold roll production line and the Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) to the Packaging line.

Here are the general expectations and components for the line setup:

  1. Equipment for receiving and separating entry coils directly from the production line.
  2. System for receiving coils from the coil storage bay.
  3. Integrated weigh scale with a labeling system that includes a magazine and printer.
  4. Scanners for coil Inner Diameter (ID) and Outer Diameter (OD) before entering the wrapping system.
  5. Option for automated installation of inner ID edge protectors.
  6. Steel belt strapping machines for banding through the coil ID, with three units available (automation optional).
  7. Automated banding around the coil OD, with at least four bands.
  8. Automated installation of outer OD edge protectors.
  9. Automated wrapping of coils through the eye, featuring three layers of wrap, using a twin film wrapping shuttle that can apply two different types of film simultaneously. This includes an automatic film shuttle exchange unit and a film cutter clamp with a heat seal.
  10. Adjustable film pre-stretch capability, up to 50%.
  11. Option for automated installation of plastic side wall protectors.
  12. Option for automated installation of plastic outer wrap protectors, available in full or partial coverage.
  13. Option for automated installation of radial strapping bands through the coil ID, with two bands.
  14. Pallet handling and placement/centering equipment (automation optional).
  15. Automated coil loading onto pallets.
  16. Installation of circumference strapping bands around the coil OD, with at least four bands (these bands secure the coil to the pallet, automation optional).
  17. Option for automated installation of two labels (one on the end sidewall and one on the OD).
  18. Exit queue equipment capable of handling up to four palletized coils.
  19. Fully integrated control system for the packaging line.
  20. Machine platforms and access stairs.
  21. Comprehensive machine safety guarding package.
  22. Perimeter guarding for enhanced safety and security.
Machine Weight


Power Supply

AC 400V/50Hz

Power consumpation


Operating pressure


Air Consumption

500 Nl / cycle

Strapping speed

20s per belt