Vertical Coil Packaging Line

The vertical steel coil packaging line is specifically tailored for handling and packaging various types of coils, including steel, copper, wire, and aluminum coils. Additional equipment for strapping and weighing can be integrated into the line.

This system is controlled through two main components: an electrical control cabinet and an operational platform. Both parts are designed to allow for manual operation as well.


  • Coil Turnstile: This component interfaces with the coil car to automate the loading of slit coils.
  • Coil Car: Automatically transports coils for efficient loading and unloading within the packaging line.
  • Down Ender: Transfers slit coils from the turnstile and rotates them from a vertical orientation to horizontal for conveyance.
  • Strapping Machine: Capable of securing coils using PET/PE/steel straps through the coil’s inner diameter.
  • Coil Wrapping Machine: Provides cross wrapping of coils through the eye, utilizing various packaging materials.
  • Coil Stacking Machine: Handles and stores finished, packaged coils on pallets for further movement and storage.