Hose Coil Packaging Line

The automatic hose coil packaging line offers a comprehensive solution, featuring a coiling machine, automated conveyor system, automatic coil wrapping machine, and a coil strapping machine. Additionally, it includes options for coil stacking and pallet wrapping machines to facilitate fully automated packaging processes. This setup is designed to seamlessly integrate with inline packaging systems. The line is versatile, suitable for packing various types of plastic coils like PVC, CPVC, and PEX. Moreover, the dimensions of the machinery can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Packaging Line: The packaging line includes an automatic hose coiling machine, automatic conveyor line, automatic coil wrapping machine, and a coil strapping machine. Additionally, coil stacking and pallet wrapping machines are available to achieve fully automatic packaging.
  2. Integration with Inline Packaging: The system can be connected with the packaging line for inline packaging, enhancing efficiency and streamlining the packaging process.
  3. Versatile Plastic Coil Packaging: The line is suitable for packaging various types of plastic coils, including PVC, CPVC, PEX, and others. This versatility ensures a wide applicability across different industries.
  4. Customizable Machine Size: The size of the machines can be modified according to specific customer requirements, providing a tailored solution that fits unique operational needs.
  5. Industry Leadership: Fhope is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of pipe, tube, and reel packaging equipment, particularly noted for their flexible hose packaging machines.
  6. Global Operations: Fhope’s machines are operational worldwide, capable of handling a diverse range of products under various conditions, demonstrating their reliability and effectiveness.
  7. Dedicated Technical Support: Fhope’s technical engineers work closely on the integration of the packaging line with various feeding systems and other equipment, offering design, production, technical support, and after-sales service without the need for costly travel expenses.
  8. Commitment to Quality: Fhope continually strives to provide high-quality packaging machinery, meeting the needs of customers around the globe and ensuring customer satisfaction through advanced technology and robust service support.