Automatic wire coil compressing and strapping machine packing line

The Automatic Strapping Machine is capable of executing multiple straps at various positions. The wire coil, along with its basket, is positioned on a table where the compactor system compresses the coil onto the spool. The system’s settings are adjustable to handle different materials, facilitated by inverters. The design of the line is structured to manage up to 8 coils per hour, each with its corresponding basket. Additionally, each coil will receive four radial straps, a specification determined by the customer, ensuring that the line meets the provided requirements.


  1. Built with a robust and sturdy structure, ensuring durability and longevity.
  2. Specifically designed to compact wire coils efficiently using a rack system.
  3. Features a gentle start and stop function for enhanced control.
  4. Utilizes hydraulic power for the compacting process.
  5. Incorporates a special transmission mechanism that is both safe and stable.
  6. Equipped with a conveyor system for easy loading and unloading.
  7. Enhanced safety through multiple limit protections installed on the machine.
  8. The machine is equipped with an automatic stop feature for added safety.
  9. Includes a designated position for manual strapping, adding flexibility to the operation.
  10. Employs a two-way back pressure technique to ensure a smooth transition when shifting weights.
Work temperature

< 45ºC Pneumatic features

Maximum temperature


Maximum pressure

10 bar / 1MPa

Work pressure

6 bar / 0,6 MPa

Nominal flow

6 bar Approx. 4800Nl/min

Automata Siemens


Power requirements

AC 380V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase

Solenoid valves & sensors


Power of motors