Automatic Plastic Pipe Strapping Packing Line

The automatic PPR/PVC packing line is specifically tailored to meet the actual manufacturing requirements of users. This system integrates a PPR/PVC pipe bundling machine, pipe strapping machine, and pipe bundle packing machine, designed to offer a comprehensive online plastic packing solution.


a) High-quality components: Utilizes well-known brands for main parts to ensure reliability and performance.
b) Adjustable ring speed: The pipe bundling and bagging machine features a speed converter for ring adjustments.
c) Adjustable roller speed: Roller speeds can be modified using a converter.
d) Controlled by PLC & HMI: The system is operated through programmable logic controller (PLC) and human-machine interface (HMI) controls.
e) Dual mode operation: Offers both manual and automatic operating modes.
f) Pipe aligning device: Ensures pipes are neatly aligned.
g) Parallel pipe arrangement: Ensures that the pipes are aligned parallel without crossing each other.
h) Polyurethane-covered rollers: Provides additional protection and durability.
i) Customizable stringing device: Adjustable according to the pipe and bundle size.
j) Automatic strapping: Facilitates the automatic strapping of pipes.
k) Adjustable strapping belt: Can be tailored based on specific requirements.
l) Resettable strapping position: Allows for precise strapping placement.
m) Versatile pipe bundling machine: Adjusts to accommodate various pipe lengths.
n) Uniformly parallel pipes in strapped bundles: Ensures pipes are neatly and uniformly aligned within the bundle.

Additional Features:

a) PLC-controlled: The entire system is managed by a sophisticated PLC program.
b) Integrated sensors: Includes sensors for accurate positioning and detection.
c) Size adjustability: Features adaptable settings to accommodate different pipe sizes.
d) Accurate pipe counting and feeding: Ensures precise handling and processing of pipes.
e) Buffer zone: Allows for the accumulation of more pipes, enhancing feed efficiency.