Automatic Copper Strip Packing Line Solution

Our system provides a comprehensive automated horizontal packaging line for copper coils. This complete setup features an array of components, including an automatic turnstile, a slit copper coil up-ender, a strapping machine for copper coils, a copper coil wrapping station, a powered conveyor, and facilities for coil stacking and pallet wrapping. This forms an integrated packaging line following the copper coil slitting process.

Designed for flexibility, our solution is capable of packaging various types of coils, such as copper, stainless steel, and wire coils, catering to a wide range of industrial needs.


  1. Integration with Slitting Lines: FHOPE’s Coils Packing Line can be directly connected to the exit of a Slitting Line using a coil car or turnstile, facilitating seamless integration.
  2. Optimized Solutions for Efficiency: The team at FHOPE focuses on delivering optimal solutions that enhance maximum production rates and achieve high packaging speeds.
  3. Fully Automated System: The packaging solution offered by FHOPE is fully automated, designed to support uninterrupted, unmanned operations, increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs.
  4. Customization Capabilities: FHOPE specializes in customizing the packaging line machines to meet specific customer demands, ensuring that each solution perfectly fits the unique requirements of different businesses.
  5. Customized Features and Automation: The slitting copper coils packing lines are equipped with advanced features that can be tailored based on customer needs, allowing for a high level of automation.
  6. Tailored Packaging Solutions: After understanding the customer’s specific packaging needs through detailed communication, FHOPE provides a tailored packaging solution that best suits those requirements.
  7. Support with Design Drawings: FHOPE also offers design drawings for the main construction of the packaging line, aiding in the planning and implementation process.
  8. Expertise and Experience: The FHOPE team brings rich experience and knowledge to the table, expertly handling challenges in the packaging process to ensure smooth and efficient operations for clients’ businesses.