Upender With Sliding Table

Mechanical Upenders, often referred to as coil positioners, are used across various manufacturing and storage applications to rotate, turn, or position heavy or delicate loads. Available with either electric or hydraulic drive systems, upenders are equipped with a robust brake that can halt and hold the load in any desired position. By lifting and repositioning products, upenders enhance accessibility during manufacturing and assembly processes, thereby creating a safer work environment and reducing risks associated with manual labor. These devices have proven to be highly effective in numerous steel handling applications.


  • Separate control panel and electrical box.
  • Speed adjustment via an inverter.
  • Solid construction featuring a worm speed reducer.
  • Safety operation is ensured through the use of electric and mechanical limit switches.
  • Positioning lock function allows the machine to halt in any position.
  • Simple routine maintenance.
  • Position retention during power outages for safe operation.
  • Robust and long-lasting machine build.
  • Equipped with a slide table system to manage the horizontal movement of the stretching action.
Adjustable , Multipurpose Coil Tilter with Slid Table

Wire Coil size


Working table


Max loading


Turn-over speed

90ยบ single way turn-over


APP. L3000 x W2200 x H2600mm
Weight =4T

Power voltage

AC 380V, 60HZ