Upender With Conveyor

The online coil upender is ideal for rapid and efficient production lines. It features roller tables on the platform for the efficient handling of incoming and outgoing goods. Powered by a motor and equipped with photoeyes, the machine is entirely automated and system-controlled.

The device offers quick turnover speeds, capable of tilting coils 90 degrees in approximately 50 seconds. The control desk is strategically positioned away from the work area, enhancing both safety and convenience for operators.

To prolong the machine’s operational lifespan and minimize scratches, nylon panels have been installed on the V saddle. A specifically designed cutout ensures the pallet remains securely in place. Based on customer feedback, our skilled engineers have thoughtfully included a narrow space to facilitate C hook hoist loading and unloading, effectively preventing potential collisions with the machine.


  1. Automated turnover mechanism integrated with a conveyor system on the platform.
  2. Robust construction designed to handle heavy loads.
  3. Equipped with an emergency stop and position lock feature to prevent unwanted rotation.
  4. Two displacement limiters installed to enhance operational safety.
  5. Capability to halt the machine at any desired angle.
  6. Controlled by a frequency converter for fast, stable, and secure operations.
  7. V saddle fitted with nylon panels to minimize damage to the machine.
  8. Designed with a narrow gap to prevent potential collisions during C-hook hoisting.
Adjustable , Multipurpose Coil Tilter with Slid Table