Spool Drum Tilter

The spool turnover machine, also known as the roller turnover machine, primarily serves as a pivotal tool in the cable industry for turning operations. Additionally, it finds extensive use in tasks such as module ending, coil rotation, and module inversion. The image depicted illustrates its application with various materials including steel coils, coils, and aluminum coils.


  1. Equipped with a special double chain drive, helical gear, and worm reducer for enhanced performance.
  2. The four-roller device is coated with polyamide adhesive for improved durability.
  3. Frequency converter control for rapid, consistent, and reliable operation.
  4. Dual limiters installed to guarantee safe functioning.
  5. The machine can be halted at any selected angle during operation.
  6. Features an emergency stop and a lock-in function to prevent unintended rotation.
  7. Includes two electric limit switches for safe and continuous operation.


Power Supply (V/Hz)

AC 380/50( or your requirement)

Power consumption (KW)


Max. Loading


Speed (sec/set)