Coil Upender Tilter

The Coil Upender/Coil Tilter is designed to rotate heavy objects during operations, primarily serving the metallurgical industry. It is extensively used for tasks such as module up-ending, coil turning, and roll upending. This equipment boasts excellent stability and a robust structure. It offers straightforward operation and enhanced safety features for the convenience and security of the operator.


  1. Expertly engineered with reliable helical gears and a high-quality worm reducer.
  2. Robust, four-roll device that supports tilting operations.
  3. Speed regulated by an advanced inverter.
  4. Enhanced safety through dual displacement limiters and sensor limits.
  5. Capability to halt at any angle, even during power outages.
  6. Emergency stop and position lock functions to prevent unintended rotation.
  7. Customizable workbench tailored to individual product requirements.
  8. Improved gearbox designed for reduced noise and wear.


  1. Manual operation via a control box or remote control.
  2. Inverters to fine-tune speed settings.
  3. Additional remote control for convenient operation.
Top Quality Upender and Tilter for Coil, Mold

Power Supply (V/Hz)

AC 380/50(or your requirement)

Power consumption (KW)


Max. Loading


Speed (sec/set)