Coil Transfer Car

The Coil Transfer Car is designed for rotating heavy objects during operations such as coil slitting, handling, packaging, and stacking. This equipment boasts a stable and sturdy structure. It offers straightforward operation and robust safety features for the operator. A significant benefit of this machine is its low maintenance requirements.


  1. Reliable safety system
  2. Motor power tracking capability

Characteristics of the Reel Machine:

  1. Unique structural design for lifting and rotating coils
  2. Robust ground transportation drive system
  3. Speed control via a regulating inverter
  4. Safe operation ensured through both manual and automatic controls
  5. Automated positioning for loading and unloading
  6. Emergency stop and position locking feature


  1. Option for manual control box or remote operation
  2. Speed adjustment facilitated by a regulating inverter
Coil car for steel handling, steel coil cart

Maximum load



380V 60Hz

Mode of work



by orbit

Turning degree