Steel Sheet Inverter

The steel sheet load inverter is engineered to adjust the orientation of steel sheets or to facilitate the removal of pallets from beneath them. Our manufacturer provides sophisticated load inverters that can rotate steel sheets 180 degrees, either to alter their positioning or to detach the pallet from the package.


  1. Machine parameters can be customized based on your specific load requirements.
  2. C-type structure designed for 180-degree rotation of heavy objects.
  3. Equipped with a powerful motor and a robustly designed structure.
  4. High-quality hydraulic system ensures secure clamping of the load during rotation.
  5. Rotation speed is adjustable.
  6. Includes mechanical and electrical stop blocks for safe operation.
  7. Operable via a control panel or remote control.
  8. Features an automatic stop function.
  9. Provides smooth, precise, and vibration-free movement.
  10. Maximum hydraulic pressure of 14 MPa.
  11. Utilizes double-acting hydraulic cylinders for actuation.
  12. Loading method: accessible via forklift.
  13. Features automatic position locking and a soft reset function in case of power failure.
steel sheet upender, steel plate inverter

Load info

L = 100-3000MM x W 250-1850 x H =10-350mm
Weight =15T



Hydraulic system


Hydraulic cylinder

OD 100mm

Machine size

APP. L3000 x W2200 x H2600mm
Weight =4T