Load Inverter

The FPCT Series Tilter offers a 180-degree rotation feature for enhanced safety during operations. Designed as a special C-type load tilter, it is straightforward to use and suitable for both forklifts and other loading trucks. It features an optional base rotating drive system that allows loading and unloading from the same side, tailored to your specific requirements, thereby reducing unnecessary forklift maneuvers. Additionally, machines can be customized to match your precise specifications and applications, ensuring your objectives are met with precision.


  1. Steel Coil Industry
  2. Wire Coil Industry
  3. Aluminum Coil Industry
  4. Copper Coil Industry
  5. Mold Industry
  6. Wheel Spool Sector


  1. Equipped with a special double chain drive, angled gear, and worm speed reducer.
  2. Load height clamping mechanism.
  3. Inverter controls for rapid, stable, and secure operations.
  4. Two displacement limiters ensure safe operation.
  5. Capable of automatically locking at any angle during an emergency stop.
  6. Operated via an electronic control panel.
  7. Adjustable foundation loading.
  8. Customizable pressure settings.
  9. Robust and durable structure tailored for load inversion.
Economic 180 degree inverter & upender for steel sheet pallet