Special Designed Upender

Fhope is a leading manufacturer of tilters. The tilting devices are categorized based on their driving mechanisms into hydraulic and mechanical turnover machines. The hydraulic tilter is powered by an oil pump, offering stable strength and the capability to perform product turnovers at angles of 90 degrees or 180 degrees.

High-quality materials and components are utilized in all units to ensure reliability. Prior to dispatch, the manufacturing process of the hydraulic tilters is rigorously inspected to identify and address any potential safety concerns. Additionally, the hydraulic tilter is CE ISO certified, facilitating its swift and effortless entry into the European market.


  1. Equipped with a working table that includes a conveying system.
  2. Robust design tailored to various load requirements.
  3. Emergency stop button and positioning lock to prevent unwanted rotation.
  4. Incorporates two displacement restrictors to enhance operational safety.
  5. The dispenser’s angle can be adjusted during the tilting process.
  6. Inverter control ensures quick, stable, and secure operation.


  • Operation via a switch control panel.
  • Inverters provided for speed adjustment.


Upender manufactuer for mold, coil and roll