Coil Tilter Upender

The coil upender, also known as a coil tilter, is primarily utilized in the metallurgical industry for handling various objects. Its applications extend to module ending, coil rotation, and module inversion. This versatile machine is apt for managing steel coils, coils, and aluminum coils, and offers customization options to meet specific customer needs.


  1. Robust mechanical structure powered by a motor, equipped with helical gear and worm reducer.
  2. The four-roll device has been redesigned for enhanced performance.
  3. Frequency converter for speed control ensures the machine operates quickly, stably, and safely.
  4. Equipped with two limiters to guarantee safe operation.
  5. Ability to halt and maintain position at any angle during rotation.
  6. Includes an emergency stop and a lock-in feature to prevent unintentional rotation.


  1. Operable via a control panel or remote control.
  2. Speed adjustment facilitated by inverters.
  3. Option to include a worm gear motor for additional control flexibility.
Upender and tilter machine from FHOPE

Power Supply (V/Hz)

AC 380/50( or your requirement)

Power (KW)


Max. Loading


Speed (sec/set)