Six Sided Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper for Board

The horizontal orbital wrapper is specifically crafted for the packaging of plywood, MDF, and other wood-based boards, providing robust protection against moisture and dust across various weather conditions. Additionally, it supports labeling to ensure aesthetically pleasing and high-quality packaging. This orbital stretch wrapper facilitates easy handling and transportation of packages. The machine is capable of covering all six sides of a package, offering comprehensive protection, especially at the corners, using various recyclable packing materials.


  1. Enhanced Stability and Energy: The ring and double-rub wheel devices ensure the operation is not only safe and stable, but also energetic.
  2. Flexible Friction Control: Allows for the adjustment of friction between the wheels and the ring to fine-tune performance.
  3. Speed Adjustment: The speed of the ring can be controlled via an inverter, enabling precise speed management.
  4. Smooth Start and Stop: The machinery is designed to start and stop softly to prevent jarring movements.
  5. Reset Start Position: Features a reset function for the start positioning, enhancing process accuracy.
  6. Adjustable Tension: Packing tension can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different packing materials and products.
  7. Material Compatibility: Capable of utilizing a diverse range of packing materials.
  8. Operator Safety: Includes a safety guardrail to protect operators during the machine’s operation.
  9. Variable Overlap Settings: Overlap percentage can be adjusted from 20% to 90%, catering to various packaging needs.
  10. Consistent Edge Wrapping: A circular ring facilitates uniform wrapping around the edges of packages of different sizes.
  11. Ergonomic Film Loading: The elevated platform for loading film rolls is equipped with a stairway, hand railing, and an overhead hoist, making it easier and safer to lift rolls from pallets and load them into the film cassette.
6 sided horizontal orbital stretch wrappper for Board packing