Semiauto Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine S200

The machine is designed to integrate seamlessly with production lines for automated operations. It features a double-ring and double-rub wheel system that enhances safety, stability, and energy efficiency. A PLC and HMI are implemented for advanced control and monitoring. An integrated photocell sensor automatically determines the packing position. In case of malfunctions, the machine automatically triggers indicator alarms and displays the specific issues. Additionally, the turning ring’s speed is regulated by a converter for precise control.


  • Integration with Production Lines: The machine can be seamlessly connected to production lines for fully automated operations.
  • Enhanced Stability and Safety: It features double rings and wheels, ensuring the machine operates safely, stably, and with high energy efficiency.
  • Advanced Control System: Utilizes a PLC control program and a human-machine interface (HMI) for streamlined operation.
  • Automatic Positioning: Equipped with a photocell sensor that automatically positions the product for precise wrapping.
  • Trouble Alerts: The machine includes an automatic alarm system that alerts operators to any operational issues.
  • Speed Regulation: Wrapping ring speed can be adjusted using a converter to accommodate varying operational needs.
  • Versatile Bundling: Features an adjustable board that moves up and down to centralize positioning for bundling products of different outer diameters.
  • Adjustable Tension: Tension can be controlled via a brake device, allowing for customization based on the wrapping requirements.
  • User-Friendly Control Panel: The control panel is designed for easy operation and maintenance.
  • Motorized Conveyors: Includes motor-driven conveyors for the automatic transportation of pipe bundles.
  • Smooth Operation: Offers soft start and soft stop features to enhance the handling of materials.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with guardrails to ensure operator safety during use.
  • Optional Automation: An automatic machine hand can be added for automatic online wrapping, further enhancing efficiency.
Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and wrapping machine for wooden

Object size

Length: >300mm

Entrance conveyer length

2000mm motor drive

Outlet conveyer length

2000mm motor drive

Conveying speed


Ring speed


Power output

app. 2.1kw

Power voltage

AC 380v,60Hz


LLDPE stretch film
Width: 120-200mm
OD: 150-200mm
ID: 50mm