Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper with Wooden Feeding

This automatic horizontal stretch wrapper machine is specifically designed for packaging long and straight items, including profiles, bars, and sheets. It features a film covering device, sealer, timber feeding device, and wrapping machinery. The wrapping process ensures that packages are well-protected, sealed, and appear neat. This machine can be seamlessly integrated into your existing production line, making it a crucial component of your manufacturing process and a favored choice in the contemporary packaging industry.

Packing Specifications

Item: Aluminum Profile
Packaging Needs for the Bundle: Bundling, Packing, and Stacking


Bundle Space Requirements:

  • Minimum: 300x300x6500 mm
  • Maximum: 500x500x6500 mm

Required Air Supply: 6-8 bar


  • Operators Required: 2 people (for aluminum profile infeeding)

Machine is designed with a compact steel frame. Replacement of wrapping material is carried out quickly and easily (less one minute). Profiles are drawn through the machine by a series of rollers which open and close automatically, allowing bundles with different dimensions to pass through automatically without stopping the machine. The ring rotates and holds the roll of wrapping film which is supported by a mandrel with specially clutch designed to maintain the tension constant until the roll is finished.


orbital horizontal wrappign machine with Spacer feeder