Semiauto Horizontal Film Wrapping Machine

The semiautomatic machine is expertly designed for wrapping horizontal items such as pipes, tubes, bars, and floorboards, ensuring that each wrapped package is not only well-protected and sealed but also appears neater and more organized. The construction of the machine incorporates a ring made of aluminum alloy, which provides a balance of lightweight and strength, enhancing the machine’s overall durability and performance.

This machine is engineered for precision and high-speed rotation during the wrapping process, which significantly improves efficiency and consistency. The wrapping mechanism is driven by a special polyurethane (PU) wheel equipped with bearings. This sophisticated wheel system allows for the adjustment of transmission traction at any time, ensuring stable and uniform wrapping.


  • Enhanced Safety and Stability: The machine is equipped with a friction wheel device that enhances safety and ensures stable operation.
  • Advanced Control System: It features a PLC man-machine interface and a photoelectric sensor for precise position sensing.
  • Reliable Monitoring: An automatic alarm notifies operators in case of any indicator failure, enhancing machine reliability.
  • Adjustable Overlap Rate: The overlap rate of the wrapping material can be adjusted according to specific requirements.
  • Flexible Packing Tension: Packing tension is freely adjustable, allowing for customization based on the nature of the product being wrapped.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Routine maintenance of the machine is straightforward, minimizing downtime.
  • Product Stability During Operation: Support rollers and a roller system are in place to secure the position of the product and prevent shaking during the wrapping process.
  • Efficient Material Handling: An automatic clamping and cutting device for packaging materials ensures high-efficiency packing, streamlining the packaging process.
Wrapping and Strapping Packaging Machine

Object size

Length: >1000mm

Entrance conveyer length


Outlet conveyer length


Ring speed


Power output

app. 1.5kw

Power voltage

AC 380v,60Hz


stretch film
Width: 120mm
OD: 250mm
ID: 50mm