E400 Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine

The E400 Horizontal Ring Stretch Wrapping Machine is equipped with a 2m x 2m conveyor system and two press-down devices, featuring a modular structure for enhanced flexibility. The machine includes protective guides to ensure safe operation during the wrapping process. Designed to meet EU standards, this orbital wrapper is ideal for a variety of package styles. Capable of wrapping your products quickly, securely, and economically, the E400 completes packaging operations in just seconds.

Wrapping Station Features:

  • Equipped with a ring and double-rub wheel devices for safe, stable, and energetic operation.
  • Adjustable friction between the driving wheels and the ring enhances control.
  • Ring speed can be regulated using an inverter for precise adjustments.
  • Features a soft start mechanism.
  • Automatic reset of the wrapping position for consistent operation.
  • Tension of the packing material is adjustable to accommodate various specifications.
  • Supports a wide range of packing materials.
  • Protective guardrails ensure safety during operation.
  • Overlap of wrapping material can be set anywhere from 10%-90% for customized packaging.

Conveyor System:

  • Conveyor integrates a soft connection feature to protect the product’s surface.
  • Automated entrance and exit conveyor systems streamline the packaging process.
  • Conveyor functionality can be adjusted to meet specific needs.
  • Driven by a motor equipped with a gearbox for reliable performance.
  • Conveyor speed is controllable via an inverter for optimal pacing.

PLC Control System:

  • Advanced PLC and programming enable the wrapping machine to perform automatic wrapping tailored to specific packaging objectives.
  • A photocell sensor sets and monitors the packing position for accuracy.
  • Automatic indicator alarms alert operators to issues, with problems displayed on the control panel.
  • A separate control panel simplifies both operation and maintenance.
  • User-friendly interface for straightforward operation.

Automatic Cutter and Feeder (Mechanical Hand):

  • Facilitates unmanned operation for increased efficiency.
  • Features an automatic material feeding system.
  • Includes an automatic material cutting mechanism for precision and reduced waste.

Guaranteed Performance Values:

  • Ring Speed: Adjustable between 20-90 revolutions per minute.
  • Wrapping Quality: Ensures a smooth and uniform surface on the wrapped product.

Operational Capacity:

  • Annual Effective Operating Hours: The machine is capable of operating effectively for up to 7,200 hours per year.

Environmental Compliance:

  • Noise Control: The equipment operates within the noise levels mandated by national regulations to ensure a suitable working environment.
  • Emission Standards: All emissions, including waste gas and wastewater, comply with national environmental standards.
orbital stretch wrapper and spiral wrapping machine

Bundle OD


Bundle length




In feeding conveyor length

2000mm with motor

Out feeding conveyor length

2000mm with motor



Ring speed


Wrapping speed


Power output

about 2.5kw

Power voltage

380v, 3PH. 60Hz

Packing material

polyethylene foil/paper/PP/Woven
OD:100-200mm Width:100-200mm ID:50/76mm