E1800 Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper

This is an automatic horizontal stretch wrapper machine designed specifically for wrapping horizontal items such as sheets, doors, and floorboards. The packages wrapped by this machine are well-protected, securely sealed, and appear neat and tidy. It can be integrated with a packing line for systematic, efficient wrapping operations. Typically, this machine is used for wrapping large-sized boards and panels with stretch film, ensuring thorough protection and packaging.

Installation Requirements:

The machine must be installed on a flat and hard surface capable of supporting a ground load exceeding 1 ton/m2.

Door Wrapping Station Features:

  • Robust construction with a double-ring and four-group wheel setup for the large ring.
  • Adjustable friction and positioning between the driving wheels and the ring.
  • Inverter-controlled adjustable speed for both the ring and base roller.
  • Features soft start and automatic wrapping position resetting.
  • Pre-set tension controls for the packing material before wrapping.
  • Uses widely available LLDPE stretch film supported by a material frame.
  • Safety features include protective guardrails.
  • The ring and wrapping mechanism are enclosed within the structure.
  • Overlapping of the wrap is adjustable between 10%-90%.

Conveyor System:

  • PVC belt conveyors designed to protect the surface of the product.
  • Automated entrance and exit conveyor systems.
  • Adjustable conveyor settings.
  • Motor-driven conveyors equipped with a gearbox.
  • Conveyor speeds are adjustable via inverters.
  • Sensors detect objects to initiate operational actions.
  • Adjustable conveyor height for versatility.

Automatic Wrapping Protection System:

  • Sensors monitor the package during wrapping.
  • Decompression system ensures appropriate pressure application.
  • Automatic stabilization devices prevent product movement during wrapping.
  • Pressing devices and supportive rollers secure the packaging position.
  • Adjustable start and stop positions for different packaging needs.
  • Includes two sets of pressing devices integrated into the conveyors.
  • Optional interlock and light beam safety features.

PLC & HMI Control System:

  • PLC and advanced programming facilitate integrated stretch wrapping at the end-of-the-line.
  • Photocell sensors accurately set the packing position.
  • Touchscreen alerts and error messages for immediate troubleshooting.
  • Separate control panel simplifies operation and maintenance.
  • Flexible interface operation accommodates a majority of packaged goods.

Automatic Mechanical Hand:

  • Automated material feeding and cutting system.
  • Automatic material clamping for continuous wrapping cycles.
  • Sensor and PLC programming enable fully automated and unmanned operations.
Sandwich Panel wrapping machine and packing line

Object size

Width: 400-1800mm
Height: 50-1500mm
Bundle OD<1800mm

Entrance conveyer length


Outlet conveyer length




Ring speed


Power output

about 4.5kw

Power voltage

AC 380v,60Hz,3Phase


LLDPE stretch film/PE film/PVC
Width: 250/300/500mm
OD: 100-220mm
ID: 50/76mm