EPS Packing Machine

Our innovative double-ring, double-rub wheel devices are engineered to deliver a secure, stable, and dynamic performance. The adjustable friction between the driving wheels and the ring allows for enhanced control and accuracy during use. Furthermore, the ring’s speed can be precisely controlled via an inverter, which includes soft start and stop capabilities to ensure smooth operation. The system also features a wrapping position reset function, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

These advanced features are designed to optimize the wrapping process, improve productivity, and reduce operational fatigue. Ideal for industries requiring high precision and reliability, our double-ring system is a robust solution that ensures consistent quality and safety in packaging operations.

Conveyor System:

  • Features a belt conveyor designed to safeguard the surface of the product.
  • Includes automatic entry and exit conveyor systems.
  • Conveyor speed is easily adjustable through inverters.
  • Driven by a motor for reliable operation.
  • Speed regulation facilitated by an inverter.
  • Equipped with sensors to detect objects for streamlined operations.

Automatic Wrapping Protective System:

  • Designed to prevent shaking of EPS panel packages during wrapping.
  • Includes a press device and supportive rollers to secure the position of the package.
  • Equipped with two sets of downward pressing devices.
  • Features protective devices on both the right and left sides to ensure comprehensive protection.
Sandwich Panel wrapping machine and packing line

Object size:

Width:1000-1250mm Height:600-1200mm Length:>2000mm

Entrance conveyer length

3000mm with motor

Outlet conveyer length

3000mm with motor

Ring speed


Power output

about 3.5kw



Power voltage

AC 220v/380v,50Hz,60Hz, 3phase


LLDPE stretch film/PE film/knit belt/paper
Width: 200-250mm
OD: 100-200mm
ID: 76mm