E2400 Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine

This is a large horizontal stretch wrapper capable of handling loads with an outer diameter of less than 2000mm. The automatic orbital wrapping machine is specifically engineered for wrapping horizontal items like bundles of wood sheets, pallet loads, panel bundles, furniture, and floorboards. Customized packaging solutions are available to meet specific needs. The products are well-protected, sealed, and presented in a neat and attractive manner. Equipped with a PLC program control system, this machine can be seamlessly integrated with packing lines for automatic wrapping operations.

Installation Requirements:

  • A flat and hard surface is necessary, capable of supporting up to 500KG per square meter. No foundation is required for installation.

Load Wrapping Station Features:

  • Constructed with a strong framework to support a large ring.
  • Features double-rings and double-PU wheels powered by devices, enhancing safety, stability, and energy.
  • Adjustable positions for wheels and rings.
  • Wrapping ring speed can be controlled by an inverter, up to approximately 30r/min.
  • Incorporates soft start and reset to original position features.
  • Excellent tension control for packing both large and small packages.
  • Uses a 500mm wide film on a winder film roller frame.
  • Equipped with protective guardrails and safety covers for secure operation.
  • Adjustable overlap settings ranging from 10%-90%.

Conveyor System:

  • Available options include PVC belt, roller, or chain conveyors to protect product surfaces.
  • Features automated entrance and exit conveyor systems.
  • Adjustable conveyor height.
  • Conveyor speed regulated by inverters.
  • Motor-driven conveyors with a gearbox suitable for various loads.
  • Sensors for detecting objects and facilitating operational actions.
  • Customization options for conveyors are available.

Automatic Wrapping Protection System:

  • Rollers with rubber surfaces to protect the product.
  • A decompression device ensures correct pressing during wrapping.
  • Automatic holders prevent product movement and shifting during the process.
  • Pressing devices and supportive rollers stabilize the packaging position.
  • Adjustable timing on the touchscreen for different packaging needs.
  • Press down devices are included on both the infeed and outfeed conveyors.

PLC & HMI Control System:

  • Automated wrapping operations tailored to specific packaging requirements.
  • Photocell sensors for precise packing position settings.
  • Automatic alarms and display of issues for troubleshooting.
  • Separate control panel facilitates easy operation and maintenance.
  • User-friendly interface.

Automatic Mechanical Hand:

  • Handles material clamping, feeding, and cutting automatically.
  • Option for a knife or sealer as the cutting device.
  • Sensors and PLC programming coordinate film cutting and holding.
  • Enables continuous wrapping without interruptions.
Orbital strtch Wrapping Machine for six sides wrapping

Object size

Width: 900-2200mm
Height: 200-2200mm
Load OD<2400mm

Entrance conveyer length


Outlet conveyer length




Ring speed


Power output

about 7.5kw

Power voltage

AC 380v,60Hz,3Phase


LLDPE stretch film/PE film/PVC
Width: 300/500mm
OD: 100-250mm
ID: 50/76mm