Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper

The Fhope Bale Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper is highly acclaimed for its outstanding efficiency and reliability, making it a favorite among users. This versatile machine is engineered to package a diverse range of products and is suitable for multiple industries, including those dealing with fiberboard, wood panels, and various rectangular items. It incorporates an intelligent system that enhances its performance, ensuring seamless operation and allowing for customized settings. At Fhope, we are committed to delivering top-quality machines that not only elevate our competitive edge but also foster a meaningful difference and deepen customer loyalty.


  • Automation and Integration: Equipped with PLCs and HMIs for seamless automatic programming, enabling direct connection to the production line.
  • Material Versatility: Capable of utilizing a broad spectrum of packing materials.
  • Operational Flexibility: Offers both manual and automatic operation modes, enhancing ease of use.
  • Speed Control: Speed adjustments for the ring and drum are facilitated by a converter.
  • Customizable Overlap: Allows for the adjustment of the packing tape overlap rate according to specific requirements.
  • Tension Adjustment: Packing tension can be modified using a specialized circuit breaker.
  • Enhanced Safety: High safety standards are maintained for operator protection.
  • Aesthetic Packaging Result: Delivers a visually appealing packaging appearance.
  • Automated Alerts: Safety alerts are automatically triggered during malfunctions for rapid diagnosis.
  • Environmental Protection: Ensures product protection against varying temperature and humidity conditions.
Horizontal orbital ring stretch wrapepr for sheet metal building materials industry


AC 380v/50hz

Power supply (KW)




Product length


Weight (Kg)


Packaging material

PE/ Stretch film /knit belt /VCI paper

Ring speed (r/min)


Wrapping speed


Overlapping rate