Roll Upender

The heavy-duty roll upender from FHope Manufacturing is specifically engineered for securely managing large rolls such as paper, carpet, and curtains. Its robust and long-lasting design ensures safe and efficient loading and unloading processes. This upender, powered by a hydraulic station and cylinder, is capable of executing a 90-degree turn in just 10 seconds, making it a dependable solution for industrial material handling needs.

Machine Features:

  • The roll upender is constructed with a robust, heavy-duty design, ensuring a prolonged service life.
  • Features adjustable turning speed to accommodate different operational needs.
  • Equipped with automatic settings that enable the machine to stop operations autonomously.
  • Operates smoothly and accurately without vibration, thanks to its advanced design.
  • Utilizes two-way back pressure technology for efficient performance.
  • The dumping and turning functions are powered by hydraulic cylinders for reliable operation.
  • Features an independently designed electrical control panel, enhancing both the ease and safety of machine operation.

Operating Environment:

  • The machine has an average effective operational duration of 7200 hours per year.
  • It is designed to operate within a wide range of temperatures, from -50℃ to +40℃.
  • The maximum allowable dust content in the operating environment is limited to 3mg/cum, ensuring clean and efficient functioning.
paper roll upender , Paper roll tilter

Line voltage

220V, 60Hz, 3phases

Power consumption


Load object

plastic film roll

Load length

Max. 2400mm

Load outer diameter (OD)


Load weight


Tilting angle