Hydraulic Coil Upender

The Hydraulic Coil Upender Machine is a bespoke flat tilter designed to handle upending operations for molds weighing up to 40 tons. The process involves elevating one side of the upender by 90 degrees, followed by positioning the tool against this elevated section. Subsequently, both halves of the upender are rotated simultaneously, effectively ‘upending’ the tool by 90 degrees, facilitating maintenance or servicing tasks.

Key Features:

  1. Designed for ground-level operation to facilitate easy handling.
  2. Features a robust, heavy-duty structural design.
  3. Powered by hydraulic drive.
  4. Adjustable turning speed to suit various operational needs.
  5. Equipped with soft-start and stop capabilities for smoother operation.
  6. Includes electromechanical stops to enhance safety during use.
  7. Offers a separate control panel with the option for remote operation.
  8. Highly automated, with the ability to automatically cease operation once programmed.
  9. Operates with smooth, precise movements and no vibrations.
  10. Utilizes two-way back pressure technology.
Hydraulic upender and tiler for spool, drum, and steel coil

Turning degree


Max. Loading (T)


Max Loading objects

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Power supply (KW)


Machine weight (T)