Floor Base Hydraulic Upender

The Floor base Hydraulic Upender/Tilter is designed to rotate heavy objects during operations. It features excellent stability and a robust construction, suitable for managing heavy loads. This machine offers straightforward operation and enhanced safety for the operator. A key benefit of this equipment is its low maintenance requirements.


  1. Robust structure designed for durability.
  2. Dependable hydraulic station for consistent performance.
  3. Quick, secure, and stable operation.
  4. Equipped with two safety mechanisms to guarantee safe usage.
  5. Operates safely under two different hydraulic modes.
  6. Emergency stop and lock-in features to prevent unintended rotation.


  1. Option for manual control box or remote control.
  2. Adjustable speed settings.
Hydraulic 90 º coil tilter with adjustable working table

Power Supply (V/Hz)

AC 380/50(or your requirement)

Power consumption (KW)


Max. Loading


Speed (sec/set)