Flipper Lift Table

The Mold Flipper, also known as a mold turnover machine, offers modern solutions to swiftly adapt to the frequent changes in dies, tooling, and industrial processing within the metal processing industry. This specialized turning machine enables operators to unload using an overhead crane efficiently.

Fhope supplies flat-panel upender machines globally, catering to a diverse customer base. Fhope’s mold upender machines are customizable to meet specific requirements, including discussions on payload capacity, loading deck dimensions, working table size, hydraulic components, protective coverings, and tilting speed, ensuring they fit the unique needs of each customer.


  1. Capable of 90 or 180-degree mold rotation.
  2. Sturdily constructed framework.
  3. High-quality hydraulic system, including valves and cylinders.
  4. Adjustable rotation speed.
  5. Features soft start and stop mechanisms.
  6. Equipped with mechanical and electrical stop blocks for safe operation.
  7. Operable via control panel or remote control.
  8. Automatic stopping feature.
  9. Provides smooth, precise, and vibration-free movement.
  10. Utilizes two-way back pressure technology.
  11. Actuation through double-acting hydraulic cylinders on each working table.
  12. Mold loading options include use of a forklift or crane equipped with a rope.
  13. Mold unloading can be done using a crane or forklift.
  14. Control through a pedestal-mounted hydraulic power unit with up-down controls.
Mold flipper table