Wire Coil Wrapping Machine-FPW-300

The Steel Wire Ring Wrapper utilizes a ring-style film wrapping mechanism specifically designed to encase steel wire coils. This packaging method effectively shields the coils from dust, air, moisture, and various environmental factors, ensuring their integrity during storage and transport. The machine is designed to wrap the coils around an eye core, providing thorough coverage and protection.

Highly adaptable, this machine can be tailored to satisfy the unique requirements of each client, including adjustments to accommodate different packaging line layouts. All necessary packaging and wrapping specifications are programmed into the machine’s control system, allowing for automated, precise operation tailored to the specific needs of each project. This customization capability ensures that the Steel Wire Ring Wrapper can seamlessly integrate into diverse industrial environments, enhancing efficiency and maintaining high standards of quality in coil packaging.


  1. Integrates a PLC with a time relay for precise machine control.
  2. Requires manual loading and unloading of the wire coil.
  3. Offers both manual and automatic modes for flexible operation. (Wire Coil Wrapping Machine-FPW-300)
  4. Initiates wrapping by tying the packing material to the wire coil.
  5. Allows for customizable overlap of the packing tape based on specific requirements.
  6. Packing material must be cut manually after wrapping.
  7. Features guardrails and soft start/stop mechanisms to enhance safety during operation.
  8. The height of the wrapping ring is adjustable to accommodate different coil outer diameters.
  9. Wrapping tension can be controlled by a specialized breaker for optimal packaging.
  10. No installation is necessary upon delivery; the machine requires only a power supply to begin operation.
  11. Equipped with indicator alarms that automatically notify of any issues, with problems displayed on the system.
  12. Includes a special brake on the tape release device to prevent material folding.
  13. Packaging is designed to be seaworthy, ensuring safety during transport.

Packing Steps:

  1. Manually place the wire coil onto the wrapping station by rolling it into position.
  2. Secure the start of the packing material to the coil.
  3. Activate the machine by pressing the start button to initiate wrapping.
  4. The machine automatically wraps the coil with the chosen packing material.
  5. Once wrapping is complete, manually cut the packing material.
  6. Remove the fully wrapped coil by rolling it out of the wrapping station.
Wire coil wrapping machine for galvanize wire & aluminum wire

Voltage (V/Hz)

380v 50Hz 3Phase

Power (KW)


Steel wire coil ID(mm)


Steel wire coil OD(mm)


Steel wire coil width(mm)


Steel wire coil Weight(Kg)


Packing material


Overlapping rate


Air supply