Wire Cable Coil Wrapping Machine

The FPCW Series Cable Packaging Machine is specifically designed for wrapping cable coils and similar products. This high-efficiency machine, notably the FPCA 300 model, ensures aesthetically pleasing packaging while significantly reducing both labor and material costs.

Additionally, the machine offers customization options to meet specific mechanical specifications, allowing it to adapt to various packaging needs and requirements. This flexibility ensures that the FPCW series can provide optimal packaging solutions, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of production lines.


  1. Automated Operation: Equipped with PLC and HMI for seamless online operation.
  2. Efficient Loading System: Features a special system that simplifies the loading and unloading process.
  3. Dual Mode Functionality: Offers both manual and automatic modes for user-friendly operation.
  4. Speed Control: Utilizes a converter to adjust the speeds of the wrapping ring and rollers.
  5. Versatile Packing Materials: Capable of using a variety of packing materials.
  6. Automatic Material Cutting: Enhances efficiency with an automatic cutting feature.
  7. Safety Features: Includes guardrails and soft start/stop functions controlled by an inverter for increased safety.
  8. Central Positioning Function: Accommodates both small and large coils with central positioning for precise packaging.
  9. Packaging Tension Control: Utilizes a specially designed breaker for accurate tension control.
  10. Adaptable to Various Materials: Compatible with different packing materials to suit diverse packaging needs.
  11. Automated Indicator Alarms: Features light-based indicator alarms that automatically signal troubles.
  12. Special Brake Mechanism: Incorporates a special brake in the film release device to prevent material folding.

Advantage of cable coil wrapper:

1. High speed upt0 15-20sec/min.
2. Package nice and good.
3. Save material
4. Good protection for transportation.
5. Good for selling
6. Less maintain
7. Easy operation