Pipe Coil wrapper FPH-200

The FPH Series Hose Coil Wrapper is specifically engineered for wrapping hose coils and plastic packaging, offering a blend of efficiency and ease of use that reduces both labor and material costs for operators. This machine streamlines the packaging process, providing a cost-effective solution that enhances productivity.

The Hose Coil Eye Vertical Wrapping Machine, a part of this series, is tailored for smaller and lighter coils. It addresses and solves one of the most challenging technical issues in the packaging industry. This design innovation ensures that even the most delicate coils can be securely wrapped without damage, making it an essential tool for companies dealing with lightweight and sensitive materials. This machine not only maximizes operational efficiency but also ensures consistent packaging quality, which is critical in maintaining product integrity during storage and transport.


  1. Semi-Automatic Horizontal Configuration: Designed for ease of use with a horizontal orientation.
  2. Reset Positioning System: Automatically returns to the original position for consistent operation.
  3. Dual Mode Functionality: Offers both manual and automatic operating modes.
  4. Adjustable Speed Control: Speeds of the ring and rollers can be varied using an inverter for precise handling.
  5. Customizable Overlap Rate: Allows for tailored adjustment of the material overlap according to specific needs.
  6. Guiding Rollers for Stability: Equipped with rollers that guide and stabilize hose coils during wrapping.
  7. Controlled Packaging Tension: Tension settings are easily adjusted via a breaker for secure wrapping.
  8. Error Indicator Alarm: Features an alarm that notifies operators of errors, enhancing troubleshooting efficiency.
Hose coil and pipe coil packing machine&stretch wrapping machine

Voltage (V/Hz)

AC 380/50( or your requirement)

Power (KW)


Coil ID(mm)


Coil OD(mm)




Coil Weight(Kg)


Packing material

LLDPE/PE/Stretch film/PVC/

Ring speed(r)


Wrapping speed


Overlapping rate