Copper Tube Coil Packing Machine

The Copper Tube Coil Packing Machine is a highly adaptable piece of equipment engineered to wrap a wide range of coil types, including those made from copper and steel, as well as pipes, wires, cables, and more. Primarily tailored for copper tube coils, this machine also efficiently handles other materials such as steel coils, wire coils, pipe coils, and cable coils. Its versatility and cutting-edge features make it an indispensable tool for industries needing robust and reliable packaging solutions for various coiled materials. This machine not only streamlines the packaging process but also ensures the protection and integrity of the coils during storage and transportation, addressing the diverse needs of modern manufacturing and distribution sectors.


  1. User-friendly design allows easy operation, even for individuals without technical expertise.
  2. Robust construction of the machine ensures minimal daily maintenance.
  3. Wrapping ring speed can be adjusted using an inverter for precise control.
  4. Optional auto conveyor system for efficient movement of packaged coils to storage or shipping areas.
  5. Automated trouble indicator alarms for immediate fault detection.
  6. Adjustable overlap rate from 20% to 90%, customizable to specific packaging needs.
  7. Wrapping tension can be tailored for different product sizes, ensuring secure packaging.
  8. Ring speed is modifiable through an inverter, allowing flexibility in operation.
  9. Roller speed also adjustable via inverter, enhancing packaging precision.
  10. Automatic cutting feature for materials such as paper, HDPE, and woven sheets.
  11. Compatible with various packing materials, offering versatility in packaging options.
  12. Automatic resetting of the wrapping ring to its original position for consistent operation.
  13. All contact surfaces are covered with PU to ensure protection of the product during wrapping.

Basic configuration

PLC- SIEMENS HMI- SIEMENS, Converter- SIEMENS, Sensor—Autonics, Encoder-DELTA, pneumatic element-AIRTEC,Main motors-Dongli/Jiemai,switch、button、Contactor- Schneider.

Automatic copper tube coil packing machine

Object weight


Package width


Package OD


Package ID




Roller Speed


Wrapping speed


Rotating speed


Overlap scope


Power voltage


Air supply


Packing material

woven belt/Paper/
ID:50mm OD:150-400mm Width:90mm